Commercial, Innovation and Technology

As Lawyers who also run a business, we understand how to legally conceptualize ideas and transform them into businesses by incorporation of appropriate legal entities that suits our client’s preference.

Some of the legal entities that we incorporate and structure includes;

Sole proprietor


Charitable Organizations and Trusts

Limited Liability Partnership

Private Limited Companies

Public Limited Companies

Company Limited by Guarantee

Innovation and Technology is our future. Our young team of Legal experts understand the technology space, the internet of things, algorithms, machine learning. Our well-trained legal experts advise our clients on how to protect new ideas through the following;





Trade Secretes

Africa is a big commercial hub, and every investor wants a pie for themselves. Therefore, with new technology and innovations coming up there is need to restructure and structure deals or companies to plug in new investors. This is where our commercial team come in to provide a range of legal assistance through;

Shareholders Purchase Agreements

Asset Purchase agreement

Mergers and Acquisition

Company Due Diligence

Commercial Agreements