Where There is Covid There is a Will

DO YOU HAVE A WILL? Probably not. It is true that many people fail to write a will, often because they’re afraid to face their own mortality. However, with the high number of deaths recorded everyday due to Covid-19, death is a harsh reality that we need to consider seriously during this pandemic. The thought […]

Impact of Covid-19 Contracts

On 13th March 2020 the WHO declared coronavirus disease (COV- ID-19) a global pandemic. The declaration although very important because health and life come first before anything else; its repercus- sions are unimaginable and have an immediately impacted the world economy. COVID-19 has the potential to negatively affect every sector, big or small from sports, […]

LandLord Be Aware

It has been a month since Covid-19 was declared a world pandemic by World Heath Organisation and following various measures taken thereafter by the Kenyan government it’s very clear that the writing is on the wall. The effects of the pandemic are already being felt across many industries and the aftermath will be dire to […]